Monday, March 12, 2007

Will the leash be loosened?

I have another dr's appointment this afternoon - 33 weeks, whoo hoo! And I'm cautiously debating whether to ask if my bedrest restrictions might be lifted a little.

On the one hand, things are going so well, why jinx it? It's only another couple of weeks at best, right?

But on the other hand is both my sanity and my physical state. If you have never been through bed rest yourself, you can sympathize, but you cannot truly understand what it is like.

I've had people say to me that they wish they could just get in bed and relax for a few days - which shows a complete ignorance of what bed rest is! It is not relaxing and it is not just a few days, and you can't just get up when you want to. It is incredibly stressful and boring at the same time, I'm currently going on eight weeks now, and I'm only supposed to get up to pee. (OK, at 33 weeks that's pretty often, but even so.)

And physically, I've had a glimpse of what it will be like to get old, and it ain't pretty. Shuffling to the bathroom, hips aching constantly, no strength in my arms and legs whatsoever. HOW will I be able to take care of this child when he or she does show up? Not to mention go through labor! So I'd like to regain at least a little strength before the kid arrives.

We'll see what happens at this afternoon's appointment - if I work up the courage, or if I chicken out!

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