Friday, March 9, 2007

Field trip

Had ctx intermittently throughout the day yesterday, which has become the norm, but usually they calm down around midnight or so and last night they got worse - more frequent and more painful. I finally called the dr around 1am and they asked if I would feel better going in to be checked. I said yes so off we went to the hospital.

I showed plenty of ctx on the monitor but no change to my cervix, which is the important part. Thought for sure I'd be doing at least an overnight but they sent me home after a few hours of monitoring.

I can't help but wonder if they were a lot less concerned/cautious because of how far along I am (32 1/2 weeks). While it's always good not to be the emergency case, I'd still like to make it a few more weeks!

On the good side, the dr said the baby looks great, and actually looked like a full-termer on the monitors. She also let slip one or two comments that made us think she knew the gender...but we're not telling!

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Ashley said...

Hey Nancy,

Are you on any meds for the contractions? Just curious.

Cheers for baby's development! That is very exciting. I envy you guys for not officially finding out the gender! I always wanted to do it that way, but just couldn't!