Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm exhausted

Juliana stayed home from school again this morning. I really hope we are out of the cold and flu season soon, because she only had about a week of being healthy before getting sick again. Poor little scrap.

But this of course poses problems for us, because I can't take care of her by myself, but Jason has tons of work to do. So the partial compromise is that he does as much work as he can from home, while I hang out with her and watch endless amounts of TV, calling him if we need something.

But as the medicine kicks in and she feels better, she isn't content to just lie around and watch cartoons. She wants to run around, jump, bounce, play Legos, watch Zoe and the Puppies for the gazillionth time on the 'puter...and while I love seeing her feel better, it is showing me once again just how out of shape I have become. After two hours of this Jason took her outside and I am exhausted!

She's on her trike now and they're going to the park. Once our sitter comes this afternoon, Jason can go to work and I can take a well-earned nap!

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Ashley said...

Hope you got a good, long, peacful nap.

How we are ever gonna get back to our pre-bedrest funtioning? I get exhausted just thinking about all that I am going to need to do once this sentence is lifted, but then comes the baby and months of sleep deprivation.....