Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Battle of the Bath

Jason is downstairs right now trying to persuade Juliana to take a bath. It has been so long since she's had a good cleaning that I wonder if there's a little miasma of stink that surrounds her and we just can't smell it.

Her teachers at school would tell us if that was the case, right?

I think Jason has persuaded her into the tub, although I'm still hearing unhappy noises. Hey, at least she's submersed in water.

Daddy may have won this battle, but the war remains to be seen - who knows what time bedtime will be tonight at this rate!


Ashley said...

That sounds so familiar.

Holland always protests but then doesn't want to get out! And I bet Holland could rival Juliana for "most uncooperative at bedtime"! She is the WORST!

Cheers for patient husbands!


whatthef*ck said...

found your blog thru ashley's blog. congratulations on the 32 week milestone. the word on the street, at least on my street, is that babies born at 32 are indistinguishable from full-term babies, once they are a year old. what a great milestone. icing on the cake from here. easy for me to say though. i guess it would be nice to have your baby go straight to your arms, or your husband's if a c-section, instead of the NICU.

i'm almost 26 weeks and on modified bedrest. i have a cerclage, contractions, 2 positive fetal fibronectins and a doctor who doesn't scare easily. my blog is a little dark, just to warn you in case you go there. my track record is not so good; two live babies, 3 that didn't make it (lost at 11 weeks, 23 weeks, 11 weeks).

if you do go, be sure to check out my post about my 2 1/2 year old daughter demanding a pantyshield. sounds like your daughter is quite the character. isn't it hard to listen to somebody else trying to get her out the door or into bed. i ownder if your bedtime contractions are triggered by stress of the bedtime routine, just a thought.

when my dad or husband are having a hard tie getting my daughter out the door, i suggest that they put the shoes and socks on once she is strapped into her carseat. works pretty well esp since the weather is pretty warm here.

my daughter also has a special "bath baby" that she washes in the tub. it helps get her in there.

hang in there, fellow human incubator.