Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Family pictures

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So Trixie is doing really well in the NICU. She's almost up to full feeds (formula - boo, hope my milk comes in soon!) and last night her IV came out and they decided not to replace it and see how that goes. Which is great because it means they're pretty much just monitoring her rather than doing anything for her.

I was able to try to nurse at both her 6pm and 9pm feeds. She is definitely latching and sucking - it does tire her out and I think it's frustrating for her that she's not getting anything yet, but I am very encouraged that she is doing this much this early.

Juliana is thrilled to have me up and around, even if not back to full mommy strength. I didn't realize just how much she had missed me. And I'm getting a small glimpse, I think, of how hard it is going to be having two.


Anonymous said...

She beautiful. So glad you're up and around! -Kim

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and the good news!

Sounds like she'll be home before you know it! How exciting (and exhausting!) : )