Monday, March 19, 2007

Welcome Beatrix!

Our daughter Beatrix Rose is here! My water broke
unexpectedly last night at about 8:30pm...things
progressed pretty rapidly and she arrived at 2:37am,
just at 34 weeks!

She is 5lbs 4oz, 19 inches, a full head of hair, and
so far has been breathing on her own! She will be in
the NICU at least a week to 35 weeks per hospital
policy, but depending on how she is doing might be
able to come home after that!

Juliana so far appears unfazed by the new addition.
We will see what she thinks when a baby comes home
(instead of a puppy, froggy or teddy bear - her latest
guesses at what's in mommy's tummy).

Thank you to everyone for helping us get through these
last ten weeks of bedrest, it was not easy but I am so
grateful we made it this far.
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Ashley said...

Congratulations, Nancy! I am so glad to hear everything went well. Your hard work paid off!

Beatrix is one of my most favorite girl names, but we could never have a Beatrix Potter!!

Can't wait to see more pictures and hear what Juliana thinks of big sisterhood!

Congrats again and again!