Monday, March 12, 2007

Amazingly enough, 33 weeks

Had my 33 week ob appointment this afternoon and things continue to look stable. Despite various contractions I am exactly where I was last week. So, good news!

Waiting for my appointment took forever, and when we were finished I was starving. So to indulge me Jason and I went out to get something to eat. It was amazing - the people! the noise! the daylight! And I didn't even feel that guilty because, after all, I had already done the stairs in the house, this was just a few extra steps.

Regarding my previous post, I did ask the doctor when I could modify my bed rest a little. He said let's stay the course (OK, he didn't actually say that...) until I'm 34 weeks and then we'll see.

So even if I do make it to 34 weeks, I'll be so big at that point I probably won't want to go anywhere, I'll be lucky to have the energy to get downstairs! I am huge!

Even though I was pregnant with Juliana, I never really appreciated what people go through towards the end. And I'm only 33 weeks! Who knows how long I will go at this point, isn't it funny? (Of course, baby could come tomorrow too....the fun of being a ticking time bomb!)

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Ashley said...

So happy to hear your report!

Kudos for another week gone by!

Isn't the outside world absolutely incredible? I got my first wheelchair pass to go outside today. I didn't even know what to look at first! the sky? the trees? the grass?!