Sunday, March 11, 2007

My girly girl

So now that we have Juliana I firmly believe that some girly things are just hardwired. Either you have them, or you don't. Juliana definitely has the girly love-of-clothes-and-shoes hardwiring.

Every time I order her new clothes lately, she wants to try them on. The brighter, the better. I got her a new bright yellow bathing suit and trying it on was the highlight of her evening. (Tough to talk her into jammies after that.) Today, after she spilled water on herself, she decided she needed a completely new outfit, down to a new pair of tights. Oh, and the tights. Forget about wearing pants, if it's not a skirt (or a dress) and tights, don't bother. Clearly she does not get that from me.

One thing she might get from me though is the love of shoes. She adores shopping for shoes. In pre-bedrest days, whenever I would take her to look for new shoes for her, the salespeople would all be amazed because she loves to have her feet measured, and then to try on the shoes. I would guess most kids fight this process pretty strongly, given the salespeople's reactions, but not our little girl. She sits nicely in the chair while the shoes are put on her, parades down to the other end of the store, and then runs back to try on the next pair. If there aren't enough pairs to satisfy her, the same shoes will be tried on multiple times.

Jason might say this is not all that dissimilar from my behavior in the shoestore!

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Gretchen said...

Sylvi also absolutely adores shoe shopping! It must be a recessive gene from both parents, because neither of us quite understands it.

Painting her toenails, on the other hand, she gets from me ... :)